F.P. Journe Invenit et Fecit Edition – 70% Dark Chocolate Espelette Pepper & Tamala Cinnamon

CHF 14.00

An explosive encounter between the peppery aromas of two exceptional spices and the voluptuous depth of cocoa, processed at 70%. The woodiness of cocoa responds elegantly to the intense power of Tamala cinnamon from Nepal, before gradually giving way to the delicate warmth of Espelette pepper.

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Located east of Papua New Guinea, the Kingdom of Solomon Islands is made up of a thousand islands and islets representing a land area barely larger than Switzerland.

In recent years, small family cacao farms have gradually replaced large oil palm plantations. Although Solomonian cacao is still little known, it asserts itself as a rare and subtle varietal complex.

David Junior Kebu’s cacao plantation is located in the northeast of Guadalcanal Island, near the city of Honiara. Set on the banks of the Matepono River, the family farm is distinguished by the quality of the care taken in fermentation, drying and bean selection. This work earned it a gold medal at the International Cocoa Awards in 2015.

Additional information
Weight 70 g

extra fine dark chocolate conched with Tamala cinnamon and Espelette pepper




Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands


Matepono River


Amelonado & Trinitario



tasting notes

intense and delicate peppery notes on a deep, woody chocolate background


53 min at 109°C


20 hours


14 days


shelled cacao beans (Solomon Islands), raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole cane sugar, Tamala cinnamon, Espelette pepper. Cacao: min. 70%


Soy, gluten, dairy, egg and nut free

Nutrition information/100g

Energy: 587 kcal (2426 KJ), Fat: 43g (of which saturated: 27g), Carbohydrate: 35g (of which sugars: 28g), Fiber: 9g, Protein: 8g, Salt: 0.1g