Peru Collection Napolitains

CHF 40.00

Discover the richness and variety of Peru’s terroirs with this gourmet box presenting our San Ignacio 70, Quillabamba 70, Alto Piura 75 chocolates in our traditional Noir de Noir recipe and the Alto Piura 70 in our crunchy, Brut de Noir recipe.


Regarded as one of the birthplaces of original wild cacao, Peru has preserved a rich heritage of native varieties.

Orfève has selected three for this Gourmet set: the Gran Blanco from Alto Piura, in the northwest of the country, the Chuncho Urushaia from Quillabamba, in the Machu Pichu region, and the native Nacional from San Ignacio, along the Rio Marañon.

All of these cacaos were rediscovered only ten years ago and are now the subject of patient work to improve their value thanks to the efforts of hundreds of small farmers, grouped into cooperatives.

Difficult to cultivate and transform into chocolate, fragile to disease and limited in yield, these cocoas nevertheless offer extraordinary flavours and aromas that we are proud to enhance.


Additional information
Weight 225 g

48 napolitains


crispy dark chocolate: Alto Piura 70; extra fine dark chocolate: Alto Piura 75, Quillabamba 70, San Ignacio 70


Alto Piura: Region de Piura – Perú, Quillabamba: Provincia de La Convención – Perú, San Ignacio: Departamento de Cajamarca – Perú


Alto Piura: Valle de l'Alto Piura, Quillabamba: Quillabamba, San Ignacio: Provincia de San Ignacio


Alto Piura: Gran Blanco, Quillabamba: Chuncho, San Ignacio: Puro Nacional nativo


Alto Piura: 50 min at 105°C, Quillabamba: 43 min at 104°C, San Ignacio: 48 min at 105°C


Alto Piura: 70 hours, Quillabamba: 72 hours, San Ignacio: 46 hours


14 days


Soy, gluten, dairy, egg and nut free